About LeverageCraft

The LeverageCraft project was created as an initiative of Dani Condruc. With 8 years of design experience, gathered over all types of graphical medias. The range of skills vary from creating unique and creative logos, to professionally design business cards, flyers, posters, websites, Ui/ Ux, motion or any type of graphical content.

LeverageCraft strive to achieve our clients most ambitious demands and  help them complete their projects, providing professionally made designs and complete consulting over actual or future projects. We love interacting with our customers and we’ve always tried to create bonds and provide feedback or advice even after the projects were done, just to make sure our client was happy with work we’ve done.

Client happiness became our mantra of sorts, so if you think about starting a project with us be sure we will make everything we can to see your project achieve even your most ambitious demands.