Leveragercraft was the only designer with a unique ideas and good communications with me. He gave me a good suggestion for the design and we did together a design I like!” – V. Matija

“Leveragecraft has been amazing to work with. He provided us with professional, modern designs. He has been very responsive to our request for changes. We would love to work with him for our future design needs.” – P. Fuhrer

The design I received was spot on, it captured my business perfectly and I love everything about it. The entire experience was quick and easy. The designer was very helpful in the final stages of getting me the files I required and also helping me understand how I can use them. “ – D. Sterling

“ Well, I want to congratulate you for your perseverance, patience and commitment to this project. When I invited you to participate in my contest I knew that based on your previous contests you would not disappoint me and you didn’t. I really liked your ideas and the outcome of your work surely pleased me. I am looking forward to work again with you in a near future. Thank you!” – J. Traguedo

Leveragecraft seamed to have a real understanding of what I was looking for in my Logo. They were also very good at responding to my comments and then providing alternative choices. I truly enjoyed working with them and will be returning to them for future work. I highly recommend Leveragecraft! “ – S. Clarke

“ LeverageCraft accommodated our requests very well. Thank you!” – Shmellow

“ Excellent designers – quick to respond to any feedback, and so easy to work with. “ – J.F. Timlin

“Great work! The designers took special care to look at our website and our current branding to create a logo that fit perfectly into what were looking for. Would certainly work with again when we have future needs.” – J. Fanich

“The LeverageCraft team was great to work with. All their concepts were spot on with regards to the brief. We wanted a simple, yet creative design capturing multiple design elements, and LeverageCraft was able to nail this with multiple concepts. Our team is very pleased with the logo design and would definitely recommend LeverageCraft for logo design projects. Thanks again!” – C. Mack

“ So great to work with! always received a quick response to my feedback and really went above and beyond to create a logo that I love! will absolutely be using them again for some 1 on 1 projects! “ – J. Shumate

“LeverageCraft was extremely responsive and created a wide variety of designs to help us explore the design space quickly. Once we settled on a direction, LeverageCraft went above and beyond to tweaks colors and shapes until we were happy. We really enjoyed the process and loved the final result!” – Bryan

“We needed a new logo that captured our vision for a new business partnership. Amongst the competitors, there were some good and not-so-good options. LeverageCraft’s work stood out. We ran a competition (amongst our target market) between our four favorite logos and LeverageCraft’s design won – hands down.We were also very impressed with their responsiveness, responding to messages quickly, and providing edits and design variations quickly.” – C. Little

“So how great can things be? I have experienced quite a lot in the last few weeks: some designers with language barriers, some not understanding simple things like getting a curve to be uniform and mirrored and even designer copying others work. 
Dani had commented on something that piqued my interest and I started talking to him about some design concepts. When I heard his mate Stefan did web designs I was intrigued. 
Having reviewed some of their work online, I thought I’d give them a trial run/test. This consisted of having to work with substantial limitations and asking them to think outside the box. Further constraints were the tooling and website hosting I already had in place. Unlike many a design team, they did not balk but rather were accommodating and impressed me with their almost effortless way of working. They gel together exceptionally well and in less than an hour I knew I had stumbled on a winning combination. Half an hour later we had agreed on price and on a very tight timeline. 
For the assignment they managed to, not only stay within the timeline but, exceeded my expectations. They were so speedy I quickly realised that I my reaction speed would be delaying them. I had to do a major gearshift to ensure the gents could run at the speed they did. 
And boy was it worth it! We laughed, we differed of opinion, yet we always made progress. This culminated in a website I am very happy with. After this first-hand experiences of how enjoyable this process had been for both parties, I felt encouraged to ask them for some much needed help on finishing touches on our logo. This then led to getting some PowerPoint slides designs done. 
I can honestly say it has been a pleasure working with Danny and Stefan. One that has enriched my life, given me some interesting things to think about, and at the same time was a lot of fun. They have a great sense of humour. Their iterative approach to design suits me like a glove. 
If you give them half a chance they will probably exceed all expectations. Especially be careful not to be too anchored to your preconceived ideas and or notions on what you want, as you may lose out on some brilliant insights and design creativity. I am sure you will not be disappointed. 
One very happy customer! “
Eksteen de Waal 
Founder/CEO: SalveoQED

“LeverageCraft is the Best. This team has painted the picture for the direction of my company. 5 stars all the way.” – J.Torres

“I hired LeverageCraft to design my new labels, because I was so pleased with their work on two previous projects – a logo and label design. They are polite, professional, talented, and responsive.” – C. Little

“It has been an absolute pleasure to work with LeverageCraft. He made the design process so simple and easy with the great designs he was able to come up with. Really brought our vision to life. Look forward to working with him on future projects.” – T. Williams

“LeverageCraft is fantastic! We’re so happy we discovered them and have them used his services for numerous projects.” – C. Little